August 2020

Edie & Rupert out walking in the field

Here’s the latest news for August…

Welcome to my new website and I hope you’re enjoying the new format.  Since the lockdown, I’ve had a chance to look at what I want to do and how I can help in the most gentle and relaxed way for clients – canine and human.  As I’ve mentioned in the recent newsletters, I’m now taking more of a focus on training that is truly holistic.  It will include nutrition, environment and exercise both mental and physical.  I’m also continuing to work on my behavioural diploma and have added an animal Reiki course to keep me busy. I’m hoping to launch this service later this year.

I’ve also started running social and training sessions on Sunday mornings at a private venue in Shamley Green just south of Guildford.  It’s been lovely to see so many of you coming to visit and I am still doing home training and behaviour work in the Surbiton/Epsom area.  I will be launching some social sessions up there early next year (if I can find a venue) so look out for that too.

On a personal level, things have changed a lot since I lost my husband, Tony, in May.  I’ve had to get used to a new routine and help the dogs (especially Edie) with their own grief at losing him.  I’ll be putting up an article in the tips section soon as I’ve learned so much about how they grieve, and they do grieve.  I’d like to thank everyone for their wonderful messages of support and kindness.  It really did make a difference.

Finally, Rupert has been keeping in shape but with no dog shows running it does mean that he may miss out at Crufts next year.  I’m sure he’ll get over it but I’ll be entering lots of shows to get him is ticket for 2022.  And of course, the wonderful Edie celebrated her 7th birthday on the 14th with a pork pie for tea.

Next year we might throw a party if things are less restricted!  She missed wearing her princess tiara!

Take care and stay safe,
Sara, Edie and Rupert.

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