February 2020

Homemade dog food in the fridge

Delighted to say that I finally got my printed newsletter out and it will be going to the email list as well as all the local shops, vets and groomers in Cranleigh.  If you want a copy, please sign up for my newsletter on the website.  Next issue will be the Valentines Special!

This week has been very busy with lots of admin included but also trying to juggle new classes.  There are a lot of teenage tearaways in the area!  So much so, that I am planning a second class for Saturday mornings just to keep up.  The Youth Club has turned out to be a god send with lots of space inside and out.  Although it’s very boggy in the grassy areas, I was out there with Edie and Rupert the other day practicing their recalls (and they were very good phew!).

I’m also getting the KC Good Citizen classes at Stoneleigh ready for their exams on the 7th February.  It’s been a fun class and they are doing so well with their stays.  Rupert is also joining them and I’m so proud of him working hard to stay when it’s not a natural thing for our dogs to do.  As most of you will know, it took a long time for Edie to pass her Bronze but we kept going.  I was so relieved when she did pass.  No pressure now on the Silver then!

Finally, Rupert is on his Crufts routine now and got a haircut so that he will be in good order on the day.  I never realised how time consuming it is to get a dog ready for his big day until I started showing him.  Luckily, my good friend, Kathy is a brilliant specialist groomer and he always gets turned out beautifully.  This year we’re there on the Sunday and I hope that the nerves don’t get the better of me again.

Have a good weekend and remember to check back regularly for updates and articles.

Best wishes,

Sara, Edie and Rupert.

PS.  Don’t forget to ask me about Butternut Box food.  I’ve had some amazing results with clients and my delivery arrived this week much to the dogs’ delight.  They even have their own fridge now (see above).

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