From time to time I offer group workshops covering the specific issues that I get asked about the most.  These are often held in public parks, enclosed fields or at an indoor venue in Cranleigh.

Bailey the dog
Dog training Social sessions

Workshops Include:

“Why won’t my dog come back”

Recall workshop – learn how to get your dog back when you want in a way that makes your dog want to stay with you in a relaxed and positive way.  Make yourself more interesting and learn the four step technique for getting your dog back MOST of the time.  Please note that we cannot guarantee 100% recall as dogs tend to be easily distracted!

Stop Pulling

How to get your dog to walk nicely beside you on a loose lead using either a collar, harness, headcollar or whatever you want to use.  This does NOT include choke chains, half check collars, martingales, slip leads or ANY aversive equipment or techniques.  We want your dog to be balanced and happy but still under control. 

Just a walk in the park?

A socialisation workshop to give you some tips about meeting other dogs at the park.  If your dog finds it hard to socialise and join in, I’ll be able to give you the confidence to let your dog play, learn when to walk away and deal with other dogs and owners in a public space.

Dog Owner Reviews

“Soon after bringing home our delightful cockapoo pup, Twiglet, we had a Preschool Puppy Session with Sara in our home.  She met the family including our slightly bemused cat!  This visit gave us reassurance that we were on the right track and also tips and advice for the forthcoming days and early weeks with a new pup.I would thoroughly recommend Sara’s dog training skills and, importantly, her friendly and approachable manner ensuring that each encounter is enjoyable with laughs along the way!” 

The Hitchens Family

We have been delighted with the training and advice provided by Sara in helping to train the fabulous addition to our family – our beardie Harley.  He attended the puppy foundation class and we also had several 1-2-1 sessions in the park, which has achieved virtually 100% recall with Harley.  Sara is really not only an expert, but a lovely person to deal with, and would recommend her to any dog owners.


I wanted to have some basic training for our 12 week old English Bulldog called Mabel and opted for some 1-2-1 lessons as primarily, she wouldn’t be awake for the classes in the event so having them at home really helped.  Sara clearly has a vast and in depth knowledge of dog training techniques and tips/advice etc. and Mabel absolutely loved her.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Sara and can only thank her for the help and advice shared for Mabel.

Steve and Angela