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How to work at home with your dog

Because we are living in strange times and have no idea when this will be over, people are becoming worried about the effect the lockdown will have on their dogs.  They are concerned that they will miss out on long walks in different places or seeing their doggie friends.  If you have a multi dog household, it will be easier for your dogs to socialise together.  But if you have just one dog, you...

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Just walking the dog

In this week's email, I mentioned that I would put up some tips about teaching your dog to walk on the lead without pulling.  It's now a recommendation that dogs are kept on lead to stop anyone getting too close to another owner.  And while you may think you have a good recall, no dog will be 100% proof.   A lot of owners don't use leads much.  If they live in a...

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Don’t leave me..!

There has been a lot in the press recently about the changes in lifestyle that most of us are going through relating to working from home.  And while some people are enjoying this change, they have realised that their dogs are becoming used to their humans being around more.  In fact, their whole routine has been disturbed.  I've had messages from lots of clients asking about what happens when...

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Jack! Jack! Come Back…

It's 108 years since the Titanic sank and over 20 years since the film was released in 1997.  What's that got to do with recalling your dog?  Well, if you remember Rose (Kate Winslet) spends most of the film shouting "Jack!" as she and he run around the ship while it's sinking.  I was reminded of this when I was in a class teaching recall only to hear an owner shouting "Jack......

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