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I am always happy to recommend fellow professionals and products but only those I know or use myself.  If you need a groomer, dog walker, vet or other dog service please ask me for details.

Rewards Dog Training is a reseller for the following products.

Sea Treats – these fishy treats are amazing for your dog! Edie and Rupert love them and they help with their recall. The fish is 100% sustainable and comes straight off the docks at Grimsby to your dog. Also ideal for teaching scentwork. Ask me for a free sample.

Dorwest Herbs – I’ve used Dorwest’s products for years and decided that it was a good opportunity to get the word out in my training.  I particularly like the herbal products for behaviour work and have had a lot of success with their anxiety range.

Veterinary Practices 

I am very lucky to have worked with many vet practices, running puppy and dog training classes.  My dogs were registered with Aspen Vets in Tolworth and are now with Yew Tree Vets in Cranleigh.

Aspen Vets, Tolworth

Ewell Vet Centre, Ewell

Chessington Vets, Chessington

Yew Tree Vets, Cranleigh

For details of the KCAI scheme and the Good Citizen Scheme visit: 

The Kennel Club

KC Good Citizen Dog Scheme


The kennel club accreditation scheme for instructors in dog training & canine behaviour
Canine body language instructor
Pet professional network

What sort of a relationship do you want with your dog?

Rewards Dog Training can help you right through from those early days with your pup and beyond so that you can have the best start possible to build the relationship you want. 

But it’s not all about pups, sometimes owners need help with those ‘teenage’ and ‘senior’ years too! Ask how we can help you to live in harmony with your dog.